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Upcycling Project: Onesie & Pants to Ruffle Outfit

Ruffles look cute on pants. True statement. Ruffles look cute on shirts? Yes, ma’am! I love how this ruffle outfit turned out. I started with a nine month onesie, toddler stretch capri pants, and a thrifted man’s button up.

I’m happy with the end result, and I’m also proud that I’m getting faster and my sewing looks cleaner. My mom is still helping me out with each step, but I’m also able to do more on my own.

Also I’m debating whether the outfit is truly done. I may or may not add a brown ribbon bow around the onesie’s ruffle seam. Ruffles ruffles everywhere!


Upcycling Project: pants to PANTS

What do you do when you’ve outgrown your pants and they become too short? Add a ruffle! This is probably one of the easiest ways to upcycle and personalize kid clothes. It works best for girls clothes, I can’t imagine adding a ruffle to boy pants, and it’s just so darn cute that I’ve been willing all my daughter’s clothes to shrink so I can add ruffles galore.

These stretchy turquoise pants were starting to get too short, but I loved the fold-over band and how comfortable they were for her to play in. Originally I was going to add a bright pink ruffle from a shirt she had long outgrown, but instead my mom suggested some blue leftovers from a shirt she’d recently made for herself. Both fabrics worked well, but I love the blue on blue tones I chose to use.

I didn’t get to take a picture on Earth Day, when she originally wore the pants, because San Diego weather was awful that day. So we slipped them on today and took a walk around the neighborhood.

Just add turquoise sneakers and too-cool-for-school sunglasses, what’s not to love? Now I’m working on another set of ruffle pants with matching shirt.

Making Time

I’ve never been good at time management. And since the birth of my daughter I’m even worse. Time that I’d like to spend learning to sew is instead taken up by my little one as it should be. Even when she’s napping I often use the time to read (The Hunger Games trilogy is amazing), rest, and cook. And since I don’t have my own sewing machine, sewing often takes the back burner.

I want to work on my time management, and by extension my goals. I think I get overwhelmed a lot, which stops me from finishing even the small tasks I have in mind. Also I think I tend to feel silly a lot of the time when I think of my own dreams and goals. Since they are fuzzy, and since I feel funny thinking about myself so much, I don’t have a set of fully defined goals other than the general ones of doing what’s best for my daughter and family. But no more!

This week I’m going to take the time to list some short and long term goals and schedule my time accordingly. Not for my daughter. Not for my family. For me.

And that watch? I don’t wear watches but for this one I might make an exception. Nothing really to do with this post; just a pretty watch.

Upcycling Pinspiration

Like all my fellow crafters I have a slight obsession with Pinterest. It’s so inspiring to have 50 uses for wine corks right at your fingertips. And I’m not even being sarcastic! I really truly believe Pinterest has given crafters, artists, and other creatives a larger community than was previously available online.

As for me, Pinterest is an outlet, not just for the millions of projects I’d like to someday accomplish, but also for my OCD organizational compulsiveness. I’m constantly editing, rearranging, and organizing my boards. Some weeks I forget all about Pinterest, but sooner or later I get drawn back. I even have my mom hooked (I think she uses it a lot more than I do) which is funny since she’s my crafting hero and sewing teacher.

Here are a few “pinspirations” from my Reduce. Reuse. Upcycle board. Enjoy!

Mans Shirt to Summer Dress
By How Joyful via Pinterest (this one is a tutorial!)

Man’s Shirt to Tank Top
By GarageCoutureClothes via Pinterest

Sweater to Sweater
By Acornolyphant via Pinterest

Upcycled Project: Tank to Drop Dress

upcycled project: drop dress

I love the idea of taking unused, old, and discarded items and turning them into something new, useful, and cute to boot. This dress started life as a thrifted toddler tank from Deseret Industries Thrift Store and a three month old baby dress we were (obviously) no longer using. I’ve only sewn a handful of times to date, but I’m so very happy with the way this turned out. True story: I’m a little addicted to sewing now.

The best compliment was from my husband who originally thought my idea would lead to our daughter looking like an “orphan annie.” Once the dress was done he couldn’t wait to try it on her and he deemed the whole attempt “very CUTE!” I love when I prove myself. 🙂

Live. Laugh. Aloha.

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